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In 2009, we (Christy & Lance) were chatting over lunch at an industry event. Catching the precious time we had between mentoring duties, to quickly reveal our deepest thoughts. We spoke about the need for an event for people like us. A place where the people who share maps of the new frontiers can put their feet up for while. 

In 2014 we ran Forward Slash Story: a residential weekend with 20 selected creatives from around the globe coming together to do anything but give presentations. What do you do for people who are already working in emerging artforms? 

First, you give them a break from education duties. They are under no obligation to craft speeches or workshops. No presentations. 

Second, you give them a beautiful environment to live in temporarily, away from the familiar…and with nutritious and divine food. 

Third, you give them all time to have conversations with each other, for long periods, and regularly. The best parts of any event are the hallway conversations. 

Fourth, you facilitate a trusted environment of collegial support and interest. 

Fifth, you facilitate a deep dive into issues they’re facing and want to understand and overcome. 


[Photo by Noel Qualter]

The participants for the inaugural F/S were selected from over a hundred applications from around the world. We were spoilt for choice, and so chose people who would represent (at least) a mix of artforms, countries, gender, and stage of career.

  • Stuart Candy (CAN)
  • Brian Clark (USA)
  • Alexa Clay (GER)
  • Richard Dansky (USA)
  • Ken Eklund (USA)
  • Rachel Falcone (USA)
  • David Fono (USA)
  • Sarah Fornace (USA)
  • Nick Fortugno (USA)
  • Jan Libby (USA)
  • Heidi McDonald (USA)
  • Michael Premo (USA)
  • Steve Peters (USA)
  • Noel Patrick Qualter (UK)
  • Oscar Raby (CHL, AUS)
  • Gabe Smedresman (USA)
  • Lina Srivastava (USA)
  • Illya Szilak (USA)
  • Michael Webster (UK)
  • Paula Zuccotti (AR/UK)

Jörgen van der Sloot was co-facilitator of the weekend, bringing his years of experience guiding groups through deep and difficult topics with a look to the future. We were aptly supported by producer Magalis Martinez. Reinier Clabbers was our chef, and Atley Loughridge photographer, along with Brad Buehring on camera. Geraldine Robinson was production assistant, and Shemal Montgomery was the driver.

Playing[Playing a card game – photo by Reinier Clabbers]

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